Our small size and simple approach allows us to educate and inform our clients in a manner that allows litigation to be handled as economically as possible. Many firms advertise or have incredibly expensive overhead that has to be maintained month after month. Advertising and overhead lead to a motivation of billing the clients as much as possible by excessive or unnecessary work or by even dragging the matter out as long as possible to increase billing opportunities.

If you have a legitimate personal injury claim, we will work with you to maximize your recovery, and we will advise you up front as to whether you even have the potential for recovery. We understand that you want to hear that your case is worth a lot of money, but our intimate knowledge of the system and our experience with having handled tens of thousands of cases allows us to have a good estimate of the value of your case up front before a lot of work and expenses, expenses you have to pay, are accumulated.

There are many traps for those not familiar with lawsuits. For example, we know that a lot of firms or individual attorneys utilize 33% or even 40% contingency fee contracts throughout Texas when signing up a client. Do you know if this percentage is also applied to any amount you may have been offered by an insurance company prior to retaining the attorney? In our opinion, it should not be, but the reality is that the contingency fee percentage very often is applied to money that may have already been offered prior to you walking into the attorney’s front door for the first time. If you have been offered a substantial amount by an insurance company prior to consulting with us, we will not charge you a percentage of that offer. We will also work with you to reduce the percentage up front to as low as 25% depending on the nature and complexity of your legal problem.

In short, the members of our firm have grown weary of watching the deterioration of the practice of law on all fronts over the years. We aim to restore some integrity. No matter whether you are seeking recovery from personal injury or whether you have been sued for any reason and require a defense, we have extensive experience and knowledge of not only the law, but of ways to reduce the exposure of the incredible expenses that can be associated with a lawsuit