Our firm has been in continuous business for over 100 years. The knowledge passed down from the generations of attorneys gives us greater insight into legal issues you have as well as the ability to evaluate your case up front rather than deep into the expensive and long process of litigation.

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Resonable Fee Arrangements

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Rapid Evaluation of Your Case

“If you have been injured, we will work with you to try and get a reasonable offer from an insurance company or the at-fault party. We can do this in select cases before any contingency fee arrangement (percentage of recovery to the attorney) is made. Do not let the typical attorney take a huge percentage from you of money that is already on the table.”

“If you have been sued, we can immediately evaluate the claims made against you and have you prepared for what is coming right away rather than months...or years, into expensive litigation. We will work with you on fees as we are acutely aware of the how expensive litigation has become.”


  • Personal injury
  • General civil litigation
  • Appellate practice
  • Federal practice
  • Commercial litigation
  • Business and corporate law
  • Medical and professional liability
  • Construction law
  • Family Law
  • Divorce